Advisory Board

Eve Howell

  • Ex- Executive Vice President for Health, Safety and Security Woodside Energy Petroleum (2006-2011).
  • Born in Sudan and raised in England Eve is now a naturalised Australian
  • Eve has a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Mathematics from the University of London. Her first job was in 1967 as a geophysicist with the UK government.
  • Till June 2006 she was the MD of Apache Energy and regional vice president for Apache Corp Australia
  • Aust Petroleum Councillor, Aust Metals and Mines board member, on board on Aust Petroleum Co-op and Director of Fremantle Port Authority
  • Part of her job is running the North West Shelf development, Woodside’s most important asset and one of Australia’s biggest ever resources projects.
    • Eve has over seen the addition of a 5th processing train, boosting the operations annual LNG output capacity by 4.4mill Tones to 16.3mtpa a
    • Development of the $1.6Bill Angel Offshore gas processing facility
  • Eve has held other senior roles with Occidental Petroleum, Hadson Energy and Apache
  • In 2006 she was awarded WA’s annual Gas Industry Development aware for outstanding contribution to the industry in Western Australia. In the time as MD of Apache, Eve oversaw an increased volume of gas sales into the domestic gas market, Apache controlling 40% of the states gas.
  • Eve Howell is also on the board on private equity group  – c2E Capital.