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Ultimate Outcomes

  • Enhancement of professional skills of member
  • Precipitation of continued professional qualification
  • Stimulation of continuous improvement in individual professional performance
  • Provision of forums and/or engines for advocacy on behalf of members of cause (s) that may be adopted by the organization
  • Creation of an environment amongst members that is conducive to personal, mental and professional development
  • Promotion of a sense of responsibility among members towards the society in which they live and operate.
  • Encouragement of members to effect positive changes in the society in which the live, both individually and collectively.
  • Enhancement of transparent dissemination of professional advancement information in order to stimulate self-driven growth in a particular area of expertise.

Core Values

    Unquestionable personal and collective integrity and honesty
    Mutual respect and equality that every member’s voice should be heard
    A strong desire to attain and sustain excellence in everything we do
    Accepting full accountability for all our action outcomes i.e. failure and success i.e. no blame culture
    Encouraging and supporting inter-dependency and total partnership at all times.
    Uncompromising belief in inclusiveness and social cohesion