APA and National Australian Bank (NAB)

In 2009, the National Australian Bank (NAB) initiated a program to provide six months of paid, supported working experience at NAB for qualified African-Australians. APA has since been partnering with NAB and was honoured to have been part of the first interviewing panels in Sydney. Our research have revealed that lack of local work experience is one of the main obstacles that prevent qualified African-Australians from gaining employment in Australia. NAB has since been working with APA and other associated partners to help overcome this barrier by offering work experience in various business roles within the bank. Since 2009, over 300 participants have taken part in the program, and as of June this year, 75% of participants who graduated from the program have found ongoing employment within their chosen field. Through this initiative, participants undertake paid work experience in their chosen profession, immersing themselves in Australian workplace culture and build professional networks. Participants also receive mentoring to achieve assigned tasks and duties, working with a coach to achieve career goals.