APA Body

APA is governed by a constitution that is ratified by its membership and complies with the Australian Corporations Act 2001. The Constitution provides for the Board of Directors (BOD) to oversee the activities of the organisation.

The BOD is comprised of 9 members, and is headed by the National Chairperson. The BOD is responsible for developing policies, seeking growth opportunities for the organisation within Australia and overseas and developing the strategic directions blueprint of the organisation.


An APA chapter is comprised of 9 Management Board Members, and is headed by the Chapter President. The Management Board is responsible for interpreting the strategic direction of the organisation at state level by developing creative programs.


APA Advisors are a body of persons whose responsibility is to provide an independent opinion to APA officers at all levels regarding the strategic and operational direction of the organisation. APA Advisors consists mainly of founder members and other experienced individuals chosen by the Board of Directors.

APA Advisors

Member Programs

Community service and Impact Program
Entrepreneurial Development Program
Professional Networking Program
Professional Integration and Compatibility Enhancement Program
Volunteer Opportunities
Professional Development & Career Management Program