APA-Queensland delivers outstanding Projects Under Fostering Integration Grants Program

by | Aug 17, 2021

African Professionals of Australia was fortunate to secure funds under the Australian Department of Home Affairs’ Fostering Integration Grants Program. Through this program we were able to work with the Australian government to undertake projects and initiatives that aim to; encourage the social and economic participation of migrants by developing skills and cultural competencies to integrate into Australian social, economic, and civil life, and build community resilience, promote and encourage the uptake of Australian values and liberal democracy and amplify the value of Australian citizenship, address issues within Australian communities that show potential for, or early signs of, low social integration and promote a greater understanding and tolerance of racial, religious and cultural diversity.

Our mentorship programs focused on Supporting African professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds and students with one-on-one intensive, online group mentoring sessions with organisers. We also delivered online support groups after hours using Zoom and Facebook among other platforms to do live-streaming and recording for participants to view recorded sessions later. We facilitated building connections to available business networks to grow the professional and social network of influences and introduce professionals and students to new ideas, resources, and environments to support business success.

Topics of discussion included; Power of intent/Goal setting, Development of a Networking strategy and plan for professional development, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in professional development, communication skills, and the development of a professional and personal brand and image and Innovations in career planning. Other workshops focused on promoting and encouraging the uptake of Australian values and liberal democracy and amplifying the value of Australian citizenship and addressing issues among groups showing potential for, or early signs of, low social integration. While our project concluded with outstanding milestones, our mentorship and professional development work is continuing throughout Queensland and beyond.