Member Programs

Entrepreneurial Development Program

One of African Professionals of Australia’s aspirations is to see a number of its members migrating from employees to business owners either by running a small business or being an investor. Engagement of our members in various entrepreneurial ventures is one of the ways by which APA can become sustainable. APA provides appropriate information at various organised entrepreneurship workshops and seminars that aim to equip our members with knowledge on:


  1. How to start a small business.
  2. How to improve, grow and sustain a small business.
  3. Awareness of successful entrepreneurs’ traits such as:
  • Personal characteristics (optimism, vision, initiative, drive, persistency, risk tolerance and resilience).
  • Interpersonal skills (Leadership, communication, listening, negotiation and ethics).
  • Critical and creative thinking skills (creative thinking, problem solving and recognising business opportunity).
  • Practical Skills (goal setting and project management).