Member Programs

Professional Development & Career Management Program

African Professionals of Australia aims to serve the interests and needs of its members through Professional and Career Development. APA is committed to assisting members integrate into the professional workforce and succeed in their careers. We are dedicated to quality and professionalism in all our program development and delivery. We continue to work with leading experts in various fields of training during our workshops and provide a platform of information and resource support to all our members.

Employment Preparation Training: Through this program we assist our members by providing various techniques in writing a resume and prior preparation to a job interview.

  • Resume Writing: learn the fundamentals of resume writing, polish it and let it stand out; let our Human Resource Professionals help you with the final touch.
  • Interview Techniques: learn the steps for preparing for an interview and strategies to handle questions during an interview.

Mentoring Program: Mentoring is a new initiative we have developed as a way of helping members in personal growth and career development. The Mentor, who is an established professional, provides advice, guidance, and inspiration on career development to the Mentee on a one-to-one basis.

In-house Skills Development Workshops: These dynamic and interactive workshops are the ideal learning initiatives for busy professionals. Available workshops include:

  • Communication Skills Workshops: These workshops is design to assist member in their day to day use of technology and media for personal or professional use, while at the same time growing their adaptation to skills development.
  • Networking Workshops: These are aimed at helping members identify ways of personal and business interaction with already established Professionals and Businesses in members’ line of interest.

Work Placement Program: The purpose of the work placement program is to help African students acquire quality work experience while still at university/college. The acquired quality work experience will then be used to easily get professional jobs upon graduation. Graduates will also be eligible to participate. The aim of this program is to help our community in solving the ever growing problem of too many graduates working unprofessional jobs simply because they do not have work experience to get a professional job straight from university/college.