Member Programs

Professional Integration and Compatibility Enhancement Program

The purpose of this program is to educate APA members on available pilot/bridging programs that will help internationally trained professionals to gain appropriate professional recognition in Australia and find employment in their respective profession. APA will utilize the support of its professional mentors wherever it is required to disseminate information on key areas such as licensing process, practice exams, document preparation and employment information.

The organization is passionately committed to:

  • Reducing the level of unemployment amongst its members i.e. members that are welfare dependent, but keen to work,
  • Reducing occupational downgraded syndrome i.e. having a job considerably lower status than before migration, or having a job not commensurate with one’s skills and educational qualifications.

The pilot program presented by practicing certified professionals will provide members with relevant job experience in Australia through structured employment services, in-depth information on certification process, workplace culture, communication training, employment support and counselling, and job readiness.