Member Programs

Professional Networking Program

African Professionals of African believes that developing a network of professionals is one of the organisation’s greatest assets. We believe that having professional relationships makes a positive difference especially during volatile and difficult situations.

APA encourages its members to treat professional networking contacts as a means that may lead to the advancement of their careers and not just an ordinary friends catching up event.

The most important reason why African Professionals of Australia is engaging in professional networking is to develop and nurture mutually beneficial relationships among members and potential business associates.

African Professionals of Australia is supportive of the need for its members and potential members to network.


  • The networking program is expected to provide members with an opportunity to keep themselves abreast of latest developments in their careers.
  • The network program aims to offer the single best source of opportunity to develop new professional contacts from one source especially for career changers and career seekers.
  • Members will know how to maximise their professional connections so that they benefit from others and more importantly, how others benefit from them.
  • Members will be able to leverage their personal networks to enhance their careers